Friendly Visitors


To sign up for services or ask questions about the program, contact Bernie Thien, Friendly Visitors Coordinator.

We can serve any senior living in Newark, Union City, Fremont, Hayward, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, Sand Leandro, or Cherryland

About the Program

Our Friendly Visitors program matches frail, isolated seniors with volunteers that provide companionship through weekly visits, phone calls and outings. Currently 140 seniors are matched with caring volunteers. Since 1985, this program has helped thousands of people find stimulating companionship as well as life long friends.

Experienced “friend-maker,” Bernie Thien, has developed a keen sense for putting the right people together. From a tentative first visit, he has watched friendships blossom that have led to both volunteer and Visitor developing a deep appreciation of the joys and challenges of aging.

Volunteer Profile

Homa and Elinor

Homa and Eleanor

Homa Clifford, LIFE ElderCare Friendly Visitor, is currently bringing joy to several people at the Treasure Care Home, located in the Warm Springs area of Fremont.

Originally from Afghanistan, Homa came to the US in 1979 and has been working as a realtor for the past 18 years. With her daughter now in college, she is able to act on her desire to give back to her community by volunteering. She believes that anything a person can do for the city they live in is great.

“I can have a hard day but when I come here to visit, there are smiles and people who can make me laugh,” she says. “We either walk or play games, or we talk about their past and their families.